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Company Management Strategies


  • Is your boss rebuke hard ?

  • How many bosses are in your company ?

  • Are there family and relative people in the management ? and how many ?

  • How many secretaries are in your company ?

    • And, how do the management powers of your secretaries ?

  • How many flatterers do you have in your company ?

    • Who is the major flatterer ?


  • How many jackals do you have in your company ?


  • Does the productivity of the gossip world high quality in your company ?


  • Do your directors eat each-others and/or your bosses ?


  • Or... do your directors eat the company and/or your bosses ?


  • How do the magnitude, the direction, the force and the velocity of the intrigue vectors in your company ?


  • How do the department wars make with blood or not in your company ?


  • In your company, do you manage the white-collar + the blue-collar or do they manage you ?


  • How are the spectators in the playing stage of your company, the empoyees and/or directors + bosses ?