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Urgent Actions in the Crisis

  • Firstly, to be found short-term sources, by controlling the liquidity ratio, the time must be won and to be restructured the currently investments. The planning new investments have to be stopped urgently.

  • To be prolonged a term of the debts, to be done earlier collection of the receivables and the inventory level must be certainly decreased to the minimum level.

  • The extraordinary operation company assets should be sold off urgently and these assets passed to the cash position.

  • All cash outflows ought to be controlled according to the general cost map of the company.

  • The capital necessity of the enterprise should be decreased to the minimum level with total quality techniques in the production and focusing to the maximum productivity in the sales. Therefore, the profit must be increased to the maximum level with the company profit plans.

  • The finance that it is direction of the company vision, the strategic targets and the balanced scorecard concept have to be reconstructed with following of the cash flow and to be observed with continuously.

  • The costs of credit, the repayment plans, and the position of the collaterals ought to be updated continuously and the relation with the banks should be kept warmly.

  • The budgeting technique that it cannot be used in the most medium size and great size companies should be launched urgently.

  • Without delay, the new projects with the profit must be launched in the company.

  • These days are opportunity for the company-combining concept.

  • To be focused for organizing on a cooperative basis in between of the sectors and to be used the sharing sources while demands reducing and for free capacity of the machines.

  • Never been used the opportunities with the profit that they are in the products, in the services and in the assets of the company should be reviewed one more time.

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Customers should be designated and the customer relations should be held with warming. (If necessary, some customers can be given up...)

  • The new bargains that they focused on the crisis truths ought to be done with your customers and suppliers. In addition, the conditions should be continuously updated.

  • The best productive selling channel(s)/contact channel(s) ought to be re-designated and continuously analyzed for your products and/or services.

  • Both human capital and the productivity of the white collar and the blue collar should be used very much seriously. The company organization must be reconstructed again for focusing to the profit.

  • The "tack time concept" should be used for the maximum productivity in the production operations and the processes.

  • Net Profit for the Period, should be followed in every month.

Reviewing of Company Revenue Statement


Some Banks Look for These Ratios in the Companies